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Hip-hop is a type of art or culture style that has started in the 1970s. It commenced in the American-Jamaican, Latino-American, and African-American urban areas in some of the bigger cities of the United States. The style used in the singing of Hip-hop is called rapping. The singer or chants said by groups or says words with a rhythm of rhymes. Most of the lyrics present in the hip-hop songs are in a way that depicts the life of the people who live in urban cities, some songs may have lyrics about violence, illegal drugs, and gangs in a chanting way.

Hip-hop music does use the styles of music that are from the pop music, such as reggae and disco. Over the period of time hip hop and rap have become one of the most successful genres of music. Hip-hop not only ceases with music and songs, it also involves in the culture as well as the way of dressing known as ‘urban' clothes (Timberland leather work boots, oversize shirts, baggy pants); in dancing it is known as breakdancing; and graffiti, which is called street art where people paint the walls with pictures and words. And the hip-hop culture is very popular in the United States and Canada.